Top Hong Kong Attractions For Cultural Travelers


Hong Kong is one of the most developed cities in the world, with a population of well over 7 million people. Even though this city is known around the world for its impressive buildings and the famous stock exchange market, Hong Kong also has an astonishing and rich cultural heritage. For travelers who enjoy learning more about culture and tradition of the places they are frequenting, we’ll present you with the most iconic cultural vestiges and traditions, that must be seen and experienced when visiting this wonderful modern metropolis.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

As its name suggests, Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a true sanctuary of art, impressive culture, and history of the city and the region. Because of its interactive galleries and diverse exhibits, the Heritage Museum manages to display the true identity of this city, and at the same time, attract visitors from all around the globe. There are six permanent art exhibits, each presenting different time period of Hong Kong, in an accurate and engaging way. This museum is also well known for its active theater section, where visitors can attend some live cultural performances.

Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery

Hidden on the top of the Lantau Island, the Po Lin Monastery is one of the most representative religious vestiges of Hong Kong. This settlement is considered a true icon of Buddhism, and as soon as you get there you will understand why. Even though this monastery has no imposing details or joyful colors, it impresses through simplicity and the striking sense of spirituality. Another important attraction here is the Big Buddha statue. Located at a 34 meters altitude, this bronze statue ”guards” the entire city. Of course, such an impressive manifestation of cultural art is well known among many, so it’s not strange that it’s being visited every year, by millions of pilgrims, historians, and scholars.

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival

If you want to explore a more playful side of the cultural identity of Hong Kong, you have to attend the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. This is a true manifestation of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, featuring different folkloric and traditional items. Here, you will have the chance to see a historical festival and to observe how people were living their lives, 2,000 years ago. Because the festival is dedicated to Pak Tai or, “The Buddha Birthday”, you should visit the Pak Tai temple as well. The whole settlement embraces a celebration atmosphere, and it’s well worth a visit.

Wing Chun Martial Arts

Martial arts were always an important part of Hong Kong legacy. If you are fond of this art and you want to experience it exactly where it was invented, then Hong Kong is a place to be. These lessons are following the same ancient principles, that trained many famous martial artists like Bruce Lee or Yip Man. By taking a Wing Chun tour, you will have the chance to learn some of the moves, visit the statue of Bruce Lee and many other interactive exhibitions.

Traditional Hong Kong Massage Therapy

It’s no longer a secret that massage therapy was invented in Hong Kong. Even though this practice is performed now all over the world, Hong Kong is still the only city where you can experience massage in its authentic form. There are many massage centers all around the city where Hong Kong massage experts practice this ancient healing discipline, performing the same techniques as their ancestors. No need to mention that this is a great opportunity to experience a traditional side of Hong Kong in a pleasant and relaxing way.

Overall, Hong Kong is one of the most interesting cultural sanctuaries in the world. During your visit, you’ll see how this city has managed to evolve into an amazingly modern city of the world, while still keeping its cultural and architectural legacy intact.

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